From Seeds to Flowers

Hello friends. 

So delighted to be sharing with you through this new offering. 

This art project began when I was an overworked graphic designer, spending vast amounts of my work days on the computer. I felt a need to come back to paper ~ and explore some creation completely separate from my day-to-day client work. I found some gold ink at my local art store, and sourced stunning textured watercolour paper. 

The following week, in any spare minute I would experiment with my new ink and a Japanese brush pen. 

One day, whilst in a yoga class at my local sanctuary of a studio, I had an idea drop into my mind from seemingly nowhere. Birth flowers. I had an inkling to explore our birth flowers, how they connect to our personalities and astrological profiles. 

I spent about 12 months researching and creating all 12 birth flower designs, and one day launched my little 'Botanical Starsign' collection on a secret Shopify store I had set up - without telling any family or friends. 

The process of creating these pieces gave me so much joy, and forced me into utter presence. Just me, the paper, and the gold ink. 

Come 2020, and my little heart project grew rapidly. When lockdown happened in April that year, I left the city to spend lockdown on my family's farm, with my sisters, parents and partner. We were extremely lucky to have each other. 

I had a few graphic design clients pause their ongoing work with my other business - due to lack of income through their own businesses as a result of having to close their doors due to lockdown restrictions. 

A few days later - with a little extra working time on my hands - I decided to run some advertising campaigns for the Botanical Starsign pieces - and they absolutely took off. 

I found myself with hundreds of orders. I enlisted the help of a few family members (some of whom have now joined our lovely team!) - and we got to work, the best we could. Learning on the spot how to run a product based business. We were shipping orders to people's friends and families around Australia, NZ, occasionally the US, UK and even Denmark. Our prints were being given as gifts, for loved ones missing each other's birthdays. To nurses and front line staff. It was a joy to write personal notes and watch the work travel to new owners. 

Fast forward again, and here we are, mid 2021. We have added some new collections, including a 'Little Flowers' range, custom pieces, our 'Limitless' print and the 'Aster.'

We have moved spaces. Changed paper. Changed ink. We have been through a whirlwind of transitions. 

Here we are again - at the start of a new chapter. We have some beautiful new things, almost ready to be birthed into the world. 

Our mission is to bring light to everyday living in some way - whether it be through a love fuelled gift of one of our pieces, the sparkle of our gold prints, the words on each botanical starsign - or just a little touch of inspiration as you see our work and go about your day.

Or even just the thought that a simple idea that comes to you in the midst of doing what you love - can turn into a new and glorious chapter. (Listen carefully next time you're on a yoga mat! ;) ) 

We are living through very interesting times. Amidst the noise, stresses, pressure - do not forget your vision, your creative dreams, your what-ifs, your spark of the moment ideas. 

Find light where you can. 

Thank you graciously for supporting our heart project over the last year and a bit. We are overjoyed to have such a lovely little community sprouting. 

Much love, 

Olivia xx & Team O-Shoppé 

PS. Don't hesitate to reach out if you are looking for a special custom piece // design of your choosing, for someone you love.