The Reframe of the 'Creative Career'

For many years society has passed down the story of the 'struggling artist.' We learn from an early age, that creativity is hard - and leading the life of an artist / professional in an art based field - is almost impossible. If one does choose to embark on such a journey they are met with obstacles, financial insecurity, and a generally unstable existence. This is what we are told. Find something 'secure' instead. Pursue a more logical career path. 

However, in the ever-changing world we live in - there are opportunities aplenty to create, hone in on your passions / gifts / skills - and make a beautiful and thriving life around this creativity. 

Thanks to the internet, there is a never-ending audience at our fingertips. We find examples of thriving creatives, building worlds around their art, everywhere we look. It is not hard to find someone in your own unique field, doing wonderful things and impacting people positively, through sharing their essence via the vehicle of their art. 

So what needs to change? This narrative itself. The message we communicate to others, and younger generations as they come proceed along their own paths. As we break into a world of new opportunity - we also must break into new ways of thinking. We must boldly step forth with our creativity. We must reprogram old societal narratives in favour of a new story - the creative who can flourish doing what they love, and simultaneously impact the world in a positive way - whatever that means in relation to their own art. 

The struggling artist exists. The playing field is not even. Oppressive structures, systemic disadvantages, mistreatment of minorities, societal architectures that benefit only the elite. There is no denying of these realities. 

But while the struggling artist exists, so does the thriving artist. We can choose our preferred story. And we can work towards it with absolute belief, fire, resilience, and an open heart. A faith that our authentic, heart-based creativity practices will bring light to those who need it - and therefore must be shared. 


When we are brave with our work, we allow permission for others to do the same. 


We can collectively build a world where creative dreams are celebrated, not torn down. 


A more heart-led world. One which would ultimately benefit - environmentally, socially, globally and on the humblest community level. 


Believe in your art. Build up your friends when they tell you of their own creative endeavours. Celebrate and support small, heart-centred businesses. 


Connect to your own inner creativity. 


Take that first step.