'Dream, Again' // Journal Guide

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We are so excited to present to you 'Dream, Again' - this very special little journal guide. A collection of 55 + self reflective journal prompts, to help you get back in touch with your dreams.


We have been living in strange times. 


Personally - I have found as a creator - it has been more important than ever to ensure I keep connecting back with my creative vision as often as I can, regardless of noise.


It is hard to create beautiful things when we are in perpetual fear. 

We must check back in with the feeling of *possibility* - in order to find presence and get lost in our creative process. 

So, if you feel drawn to, take some time out from your day, pour a cup of tea, find a little sacred space in your house, turn off any form of news for a while (!) - and immerse yourself in these pages. 


Let yourself write and explore without judgement. 

Find your dreams again - and begin taking action towards them. 


Much love x 


+ Team O-Shoppé